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1N.M Integrated Step Motor IHSS57-36-10 


 Integrated compact size for saving mounting space

 Without losing step, High accuracy in positioning

 100% rated output torque

 Variable current control technology, High current efficiency

 Small vibration, Smooth and reliable moving at low speed

 Accelerate and decelerate control inside, Great improvement in smoothness of starting or stopping the motor

 User-defined micro steps

 No adjustment in general applications

 Over current, over voltage and over position error protection

 Green light means running while red light means protection or off line



Integrate Stepper Servo Motor is merged stepper servo driver and motor together. This motor system integrates servo control technology into digital stepper drive perfectly. And this product adopts an optical encoder with high speed position sampling feedback of 50 μ s, once the position deviation appears, it will be fixed immediately. This product is compatible the advantages of the stepper drive and the servo drive, such as lower heat, less vibration, fast acceleration, and so on.

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