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2 phase hybrid step servo drive

Key Features:

without losing step,High accuracy in position

100% reted output torque

Variable current control technology,High current efficiency

Little vibration,Smooth and reliable moving at low speed

Accelerate and decelerated control inside,Great improvement in smoothness of starting or stopping the motor

User-defined micro steps

Compatible with 1000 and 2500 lines encoder

No adjustment in general application

Lack of phase,over current,over voltage and over position protection

Six digital tube display,easy to set parameters and monitor the motor running state

Typical applications:

It is suitable for the automation equipment and instrumentation which require large torque,such as: engraving machine,wire-stripping machine,marking machine

cutting machine,laser photo composing machine, plotting instrument, numerical control machine tool,automatic assembly equipment and so on. The application 

results are especially good in the devices with little noise and high speed.

Technical parameter

1. Electrical and Environment Specifications


Input Voltage 50~90VAC
Continuous Current Output 6.0A
Maximum Input Frequency Can be set through the internal parameters
Signal Input Current 7~20mA10mA Typical
Default Communication Rate 57.6Kbps
Protections Over current peak value 12A±10%
Over voltage value 200VDC
 The range of over position error
can be set by the   front panel or HISU
Overall Dimensionsmm 140×70×56
Weight Approximate 1500g
Environment Avoid dust, oil fog and corrosive gasses
Environment Operating Temperature 0~70
specifications Storage  Temperature -20~+65
Humidity 40~90%RH
Cooling method Natural cooling or forced air cooling

 2.Ports Definition

 Power interface ports

Port Symbol Definition Remark
1 AC1 Power input port L 50--90VAC between L and N
2 AC2 Power input port N
3 A+ Motor connection port A+
4 A- Motor connection Port A-
5 B+ Motor connection port B+
6 B- Motor connection port B-

3.Fault Data Display

          Data display           Fault cause 
00_Err Over current in the motor
00_Err Current sensor alarm
00_Err Parameters upload alarm
00_Err Over voltage in power supply
00_Err Over position error alarm
00_Err Missing phase alarm
00_Err Drive off-line


Size connection

1.Mechanical Specifications:

Fig.1 Mechanical installation size(Unit:mm)

Notice:Please take the terminal size and ventilation cooling while design the installation size

2. Connections to control signals

The connections to the input and output control signals are as follows:

Fig 2: Connections to different signals

Connections to common anode

connections to common cathode

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