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Customer information

*Customer’s name: *Contact person:
Telephone: *E-mail:
Industry: Machine name:

The parameters of used motors and drives

Step motor model No.: Torque: Length of shaft:
Step drive Voltage: Micro step: Current:
Servo motor Power: Speed: Length of shaft:
Servo drive Model: Level of power: Reduction ratio:

Platform type

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Load: KG

Transmission Way

  • Linear Screw MM
  • Synchronous round +belt(Diameter of synchronous round or perimeter MM)
  • Gear +Gear rack(gear diameter or perimeter MM) Reduction ratio:

Product parameters

Effective distance: MM Speed (Min): MM
Speed (Max): MM The time of ACC/DEC: MM
Accuracy requirement: MM    
Motor transmission diagram:


Drive: Motor: The length of encoder cable:
Please pay attention to that the parameter with * must be filled in
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