2021 annual motion control field user satisfaction brand! JMC won the CMCD award again

author:JMC   source:   date:2022-02-09  

On December 28, the annual "Our Industrial Control Golden Decade--2021 China Motion Control/Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum and CMCD&CDDIA Annual Awards Ceremony" was successfully held in Bao'an, Shenzhen. More than 500 industry professionals from the operation control/direct drive industry gathered together to brainstorm and discuss the current and future development of the industry, corporate strategy and strategic new thinking from the perspectives of upstream and downstream industries, markets, technologies, and talent training. Conspire to create the future.

On December 28, Shenzhen Jiemeikang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this grand ceremony. Relying on its independent research and development and innovative development model, JMC provides high-quality products, services and good market reputation. After comprehensive selection by experts from China Motion Control Industry Alliance, industry organizations and professional media, it won the "CMCD 2021 Annual Motion Control User Award" Satisfied brand".

JMC won this honor, which not only reflects the recognition and support of our products in the motion control industry, but also shows the full affirmation and encouragement of JMC brand by industry experts, which will inspire all JMC people to forge ahead bravely and devote themselves wholeheartedly Intelligent manufacturing business, helping the transformation of intelligent manufacturing industry!

Looking back on the development of China's industrial control industry, China's social economy has undergone profound changes, and a new golden decade has begun.

Looking forward to 2022, with the vigorous advancement of China's intelligent manufacturing development and the outbreak of emerging manufacturing demand, the servo and motion control industry will further expand rapidly, and the layout of the industrial chain will become increasingly complete. JMC will adhere to technological innovation, ensure the stability and ease of use of product functions, and provide customers with cost-effective industrial automation system solutions. Let us gather together, work hard, and move towards glory together.