Ms. Song Li, chairman of the board, led the company's senior management to study the Zhuoyuehui course

author:JMC   source:   date:2020-12-02  

      Rooted in the great practice of the 40 years of reform and opening up, adhering to the profound humanistic heritage of Peking University, and gathering the most cutting-edge and quintessential management wisdom, it strives to create capital operation management courses in the new era, empowering China's economic leaders in the new era, and building excellent A lifelong learning platform for entrepreneurs.

        Shenzhen Mingde Innovation Enterprise Growth Research Institute is guided by the innovation and growth of Chinese enterprises, conducts in-depth investigation and research on major management issues, integrates and gathers management, technology and industry experts and scholars from top universities, scientific research institutions, and well-known enterprises in the world, and provides services for enterprises. Provide comprehensive management wisdom solutions for home learning improvement, enterprise middle and high-level talent training, management consulting decision-making, industrial chain services, etc.

     Ms. Song Li, chairman of JMC, led the company's senior management to study this set of courses.