New product release, 57 series one-to-three digital stepper driver, one driver can control 3 motors at the same time

author:JMC   source:   date:2022-09-03  
  2DM556_3X is a digital two-phase stepper driver, which is controlled by the latest 32-bit ARM processor. This digital driver is equipped with subdivision, current and auxiliary function dial codes. Users can freely set them according to their needs, and internally write advanced drive control algorithms to ensure that the stepper motor operates accurately and stably at various speeds. Among them, the built-in subdivision algorithm, It can make the motor run smoothly at low speed; the medium-high speed torque compensation algorithm can maximize the torque of the motor at medium and high speed; the parameter self-tuning algorithm can adapt to various motors and maximize the performance of the motor; built-in smoothing algorithm , can greatly improve the motor acceleration and deceleration performance. In short, this digital driver can meet the application of most occasions, and it is a motion control product with high cost performance.