JMC 2DM522Ether CAT drive officially passed the EtherCAT conformance certification

author:JMC   source:   date:2023-04-24  
  Recently, the ETG authoritative certification body has carried out the consistency certification for JMC 2DM522Ether CAT driver, and the certification has been officially passed. This good news is extremely important for JMC Group and its customers. The passing of this certification not only proves that JMC 2DM522Ether CAT driver is reliable in quality and powerful in function, but also means that the engineers of JMC Group have carried out highly sophisticated development work. This will help improve customer trust and market position.

   This certification comprehensively evaluates the function, performance and compatibility of JMC 2DM522Ether CAT driver. Mecable's EtherCAT master station, this product is tested for suitability with other EtherCAT devices to ensure seamless integration. During the certification process, JMC engineers carefully repaired possible problems and optimized the EtherCAT bus communication protocol, making the product reach the highest level in terms of performance and reliability.

   JMC Group has been committed to providing high-quality industrial automation products, and the team has been developing and promoting various industrial automation equipment to help customers improve production efficiency. The company has provided high-quality and reliable industrial automation equipment to many customers around the world, including various drives, PLCs, motion controllers, robots and machine vision systems, etc.

   As a trusted brand of customers, JMC Group has always maintained a high degree of concern for product quality, and strictly followed the ISO9001 standard in the process of product development and production. The company's products have been strictly controlled during the design and manufacturing process, and any problems will be dealt with immediately.

   Overall, JMC 2DM522Ether CAT drive passed this certification, which is an important recognition of the company's technology and team. This will help improve the company's reputation and influence in the market, as well as increase customers' trust in it. In the future, JMC Group will continue to improve product quality and technology to meet the changing needs of customers and become a leading industrial automation brand in the industry. "

ETG权威认证 杰美康2DM522Ether CAT驱动器正式通过EtherCAT一致性认证