New product launch--Domestic high-end multi-axis bus type motion controller JMC-101 launched

author:JMC   source:   date:2021-01-15  

     MC-101 Bus Type Motion Controller
        It can meet the 4-axis, 6-axis, 8-axis, 12-axis and other motion control requirements of up to 128 axes in different industries, and is widely used in electronic processing, laser, optoelectronic industry, biomedical, 3C, packaging and printing, etc.
        ※Support point (Trap), speed (Jog)
        ※Linear interpolation with any number of axes
        ※ Two-axis plane circular interpolation
        ※ Three-axis spatial circular interpolation, spatial helical interpolation, taper
        ※Interpolation, cylindrical line interpolation, etc.
        ※Continuous trajectory look-ahead control
        ※Excellent speed curve planning
        ※The speed of each segment of the continuous track can be set
        ※CAN, 485 bus, EtherCAT