[Corporate event] JMC's first equity incentive meeting was officially launched

author:JMC   source:   date:2021-07-27  

        In order to enhance the company's competitiveness, promote the company's sustainable and healthy development, further improve the company's salary incentive system, let employees share the benefits brought by the growth of the company, enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity, and stimulate employees' enthusiasm and creativity. On July 15, 2021, JMC held a grand equity incentive release conference in the conference room on the first floor of the headquarters

      In this equity incentive release conference, more than 150 people from the company's leadership team, marketing center: business department, e-commerce department, foreign trade department, commerce department, all members of the R&D department, finance department, and purchasing department attended the conference and witnessed this event together. an important historic moment

       In the 14 years of rapid development of JMC, it has experienced glorious moments and witnessed a group of hard-working employees. They followed the company's footsteps, threw their heads and blood, and created a lot of value for the company. Today, only when employees become the real shareholders and backbone of the company and improve their innovation ability and core competitiveness, can JMC's business become bigger and stronger. From the value created for the company, the potential for future growth, and services After comprehensive consideration of several dimensions such as the number of years and the willingness to serve in the future, the first batch of shortlisted personnel for equity incentives and the list of second batch of shortlisted personnel for equity incentives were confirmed. A total of 30 employees have become the objects of this equity incentive. They come from the core backbones of various departments, including veterans who have worked for the company for several years, and rising stars who are outstanding and rapidly rising.