The first "Shenzhen Entrepreneur Day" was officially launched, JMC's Boss was invited to attend the event

author:   source:   date:2021-12-29  

        On the morning of November 1, the launching ceremony of the first "Shenzhen Entrepreneur Day" and the Shenzhen Entrepreneur Symposium were held at Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong, Mayor Chen Rugui, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Luo Wenzhi and other Shenzhen leaders attended the event. Bao'an entrepreneur from the field of intelligent manufacturing Shenzhen Jiemeikang Electromechanical General Manager Wang Shenxiang was also invited to attend this event. Focusing on the new era Topics such as entrepreneurship responsibility and innovation of private enterprises will discuss cooperation and development under new opportunities.


JMC's Boss with the Shenzhen's Government's people.