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Phase :2 


Step angle(deg):1.8

Position accuracy :1.8±0.09

Holding Torque(N.m):3.0

Current phase(A):5.0

DC Resistance(Ohms):  Ω ±10% 0.45

Inductance/Phase(mH):mH±20%   1.8

Detent torque(gcm):

Rotor inertia (kg-c㎡) :G.GM2

Temp rise(Max):80℃

Electric strength:500VDC

Insulation resistance:100Mohm (500VDC)

Radial play:Max 0.025mm(load 450g)

Axial play: Max 0.075mm (load 920g)

Insulation class:B

Technical parameter

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