JMC N95 mask machine solution,

Recently, the new crown virus epidemic has continued to ferment around the world. Although China has basically controlled the epidemic and is developing in an all-round way, in many other countries and regions in the world, the epidemic is still intensifying and continues to spread. As of April 2, the cumulative number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached 1 million, which tends to get out of control.

In response to the raging epidemic, many European countries and neighboring Asian countries have placed emergency masks to China. According to reports, on March 25, the Spanish Ministry of Health announced an order with my country for 430 million euros in medical supplies, including 500 million masks. On March 28, France urgently ordered a total of 1 billion masks from China. After Italy's 8 million orders and South Korea's 100 million orders, Spain, fearing that Chinese masks would be robbed, hurriedly added a large order of 3 billion masks. After a while, orders for masks from Europe and the United States will be flying all over the sky. European and American countries have rushed to China to find medical supplies, because they know that only China can meet the order delivery needs in the shortest time.

The global demand for medical supplies has suddenly skyrocketed, and demand orders are imminent! According to market research, N95 masks are in short supply, N95 ear strap spot welders and edge banding machines are in short supply, and related accessories are also in short supply. At present, the delivery date of N95 fully automatic and semi-automatic mask machine futures is 15-30 days. The price has also been soaring all the way, and basically everyone is queuing up to book in full.

In order to more comprehensively respond to the urgent need for N95 masks in the epidemic, JMC provides overall packaging drive motor solutions for N95 mask production machines from mask machine feeding, ear wire, nose bridge, ear wire rotation to folding welding, etc., including Pulse type N95 mask machine solution, EtherCAT bus N95 mask machine solution. It not only saves the time for the selection of drive motors for mask manufacturers, but also solves the problem of matching problems more quickly, and satisfies the supply demand efficiently.

Customers and friends are welcome to place orders and rush to buy, the quantity is limited, and the order will be shipped strictly according to the payment time, and on this basis, we will continue to increase the preparation and stocking of such products. Sales Hotline: 400-189-0098

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