Integrated closed-loop motor a

IHSS series integrated hybrid servo motor integrates high-performance motor, encoder, and vector control driver in one, combining the dual advantages of stepping technology and AC servo. The installation is compatible with the size of traditional stepping motors, eliminating the need for connecting cables between the motor and the driver, saving a lot of wiring labor, reducing electromagnetic interference between wires, and reducing the reliability caused by a large number of connectors and unreliable connections between wires problems and maintenance costs, reducing installation space. Completely overcome the problem of lost steps of the open-loop stepping motor, and at the same time significantly improve the high-speed performance of the motor, reduce the heating and vibration of the motor, improve the processing speed and precision of the machine, and reduce the energy consumption of the machine. When the motor is continuously overloaded, the driver will output an alarm signal in time, which has the same reliability as the AC servo system. It provides a highly reliable and easy-to-install drive solution for equipment manufacturers.