Application of JMC closed-loop

JMC closed-loop stepper driver adopts the latest dedicated motor control DSP chip and vector closed-loop control technology, which completely overcomes the problem of step loss in open-loop stepping motors, and at the same time significantly improves the high-speed performance of the motor, reduces the heat generation and vibration of the motor, and improves the machine performance. Processing speed and precision, reduce machine energy consumption. When the motor is continuously overloaded, the driver will output an alarm signal in time, which has the same reliability as the AC servo system.

Use closed-loop stepper motor and closed-loop stepper driver to effectively improve the overall performance of the engraving machine

1: Closed-loop control, the driving part can monitor the working status of the stepping motor to achieve precise positioning, and can adjust the current of the stepping motor according to the load to achieve intelligent control, which can effectively avoid the stepping motor from losing steps, and can effectively improve the engraving machine. processing speed.
Two: Stable operation and long-term processing without positioning, ensuring stable engraving processing
Three: External digital debugging panel, convenient for parameter setting and monitoring