JMC launched the JAND series AC servo driver

author:JMC   source:   date:2021-04-17  

       JAND series general-purpose servo driver is a high-performance AC servo unit developed by JMC. This series of servo driver adopts advanced DSP chip for motor control, large-scale programmable gate array (FPGA) and IPM power module. It has small size, High integration, stable performance and reliable protection. It has a wealth of digital and analog I/O interfaces, can be used with a variety of host computer devices, and supports MODBUS communication protocol to facilitate networking. Through the optimized PID control algorithm, the full digital control of position, speed and torque accuracy is realized, which has the advantages of high precision and fast response. At the same time, it supports motors with 17-bit and 20-bit high-precision absolute encoders to meet different requirements for customer performance. Widely used in automation fields such as CNC machine tools, printing and packaging machinery, textile machinery, robots, and automated production lines.

     1. JAND series AC servo driver uses DSP+FPGA dual-chip platform and optimized current loop design, which makes the driver have the characteristics of high dynamic response, shorter settling time, stable operation and small vibration when stopped.

         2. Equipped with an automatic gain adjustment module, users can choose the rigidity level according to their needs.

         3. Built-in FIR filter and multiple sets of notch filters can automatically identify and suppress mechanical vibration.

         4. The built-in disturbance torque observer makes the drive have a strong ability to resist external disturbances.

         5. There are a variety of control modes for selection, position control, speed control, torque control, and various control modes can be switched.

         6. The position pulse input frequency is up to 4MHz, and supports multiple position command methods such as pulse + direction, orthogonal pulse, and double pulse.

         7. It has RS485 interface, supports MODBUS communication, cooperates with multi-turn absolute value encoder with memory function, and can be flexibly applied to industries such as manipulators.

         8. There are programmable 8-way INPUT and 5-way OUTPUT ports, users can customize the input and output through parameter settings, and the application is flexible.

         9. Support 17-bit, 20-bit, 23-bit high-precision absolute value encoder.

          10. It has perfect protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, overload, excessive position deviation, encoder error, etc., and can memorize 8 groups of historical fault information.

         11. It has rich monitoring items, and users can choose the desired monitoring items to monitor the operation status during use.

         12. The driver can communicate with the PC through the RS232 interface to realize simple and quick debugging of the servo drive system.